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Projects of Department


Above all projects supported by Technology Agency of Czech Republic are solved at the department.


Innovation of Electric Drives Teaching at Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Ulaanbaatar

Project of the Department of Electric Drives and Traction, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) focuses on innovation of teach-ing electric drives at the School of Power Engineering of Mongolian University of Science and Technology in Ulaanbaatar (MUST). The project received the support of the Czech Development Agency and it is financed within the Czech Development Cooperation program with Mongolia. It involves modernization of the subject Electric Drive in the Bachelor program and of the subject Automated Control of Technological Processes in the Master program.

Both named subjects are part of the accreditation granted to MUST, and their modernization will reinforce the level of European standard.

After completing courses, students will know the structures of modern electric drives, the principles of their control and implementation in automated technological processes. Students will be able to judge technical parameters of drives and their components and they will know functions and general operation of individual parts in detail. They will understand basic applications, and therefore, they will be able to create studies of needs of a particular technological process, specify machinery requirements, and examine supplier offers.

In the winter semester 2013/2014, the implementation of English version was done by Czech teachers at MUST with the participation of Mongolian colleagues who will then continue teaching in the following school years.



Center for Intelligent Drives and Advanced Machine Control (CIDAM)

(Technology Agency of Czech Republic - Competence Centres)

CIDAM is an interdisciplinary R&D center concentrating teams of leading research institutions and renowned companies in mechatronics. It establishes the system of long-term cooperation of the participants in R&D and enhances the technology and knowledge transfer between research organizations and participating companies. CIDAM addresses new R&D challenges in power electronics, drives/actuators, machine control and complex mechatronic systems via vertical integration of these fields.

Research and Development of Progressive Technologies for Electric Drives

(Technology Agency of Czech Republic - Program Alpha)

The aim of the project is research and development of the robust control strategies for the drives with asynchronous machines based on the direct torque control. The project also focuses on the development of diagnostic tools for the control CPUs of the converters for electric drives used in traction. The main goal is to increase of user comfort of the SW developer during development, implementation and commissioning of the drive.


Josef Bozek Competence Centre for Automotive Industry

The Josef Bozek Competence Centre for Automotive Industry based at the Czech Technical University in Prague has acquired high international reputation as the country's leading research body focused on automotive technology. The Centre links research workers and postgraduate students of the following institutions: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and Faculty of Transportation sciences of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University in Liberec, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University in Brno, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Mining School - Technical University in Ostrava, Ricardo Prague, and TÜV – UVMV. The Research Centre is focused on research and development of spark ignition engines (gasoline, gas, alternative fuels) and diesel engines for cars and heavy-duty vehicles. The engine research deals with thermodynamics, internal flow aerodynamics, turbocharging and supercharging of engines using conventional and emerging technologies, emission reduction and after treatment, engine management by intelligent controllers, engine dynamics and structural strength of components applied to the design optimisation. The other research activities focused on future powertrain systems based on electric and hybrid drives are provided by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CTU in Prague. The new research and development laboratories are situated partially in the historical buildings of the CTU in Prague and partially in the new building of Scientific and Technological Park in Roztoky near Prague. The Centre is an official partner of Gamma Technologies, Inc., leader in specialized engine simulation software. Interconnection of different Centre research areas brings fruitful trans-disciplinary collaboration that is essential for future vehicle development and automotive researcher education. The Centre research results are regularly published to world congresses such as SAE World Congress in Detroit, EPE powertrain conference, and in the in-house published international peer-reviewed MECCA journal (Middle European Journal for Construction of Cars). The Centre is involved as a partner in several European integrated projects (NICE, GREEN, Roads2HYCOM). It is also a member of the European Automotive Research Partners Association (EARPA).