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Ing. Karel Buhr, CSc.

Karel Buhr
B3 - 243
+420 22435 2149
Consultation hours: 

On demand

Professional experience:

  • 2003 - now: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague
  • 1986 - 2003: ČKD, GŘ, Prague
  • 1977 – 1986: ČKD, Elektrotechnika, Prague


  • 1981: CSc. – Electrical Machines and Apparatus,
  • 1979: Ing.  – Electrical Power Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague

Field of interest

  • Electrical machines  (dimensioning, electromagnetic design, CAD, MKP simulation)
  • Electrical drives (multi-domain simulations ANSYS Maxwell 3D )
  • Electric drives application in transport ( elektromobility, V2G / G2V systems)
  • Electrical machines  diagnostic and testing
  • Electrical machines design  ( calculation, documentation, supervising analysis )
  • Thesis heading ( IND, BP, DP )

Research and grant projects

  • 2003-2005:  Electric drives for deap sea collecting apparatus (GA ČR)
  • 2005-2007:  Deap sea collecting apparatus power supply (GA ČR)
  • 1995: Power transformers mechanical strength monitoring by short circuit reactance monitoring method  (VZ)
  • 1996: MKP COSMOS M software application study (VZ)
  • 1997: Casting technology of  railway security transformers development (AŽD Prague)
  • 2002: Study of Prague subway transport safeguarding system pressure against  wather resistence (AŽD Praha)
  • 2011: Analysis of 400/121 kV, 250 MVA transformer accident reasons (ČEPS a.s.)


  • Analysis of the Electromagnetic Field of Electric Machines Based on Object-oriented Design Principles Pliugin, V. - Shilkova, L. - Lettl, J. - Buhr, K. - Fajtl, R. In: Proceedings of PIERS 2015
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility of Contactless Power Transfer modeled in FEM analysis software Fajtl, R. - Buhr, K. In: Proceedings of PIERS 2015 in Prague. Cambridge: Electromagnetics Academy, 2015
  • Electromobile Drive Diagnostics and Property Prediction Buhr, K. - Fajtl, R. - Lettl, J. - Plyugin, V. In: XX. International Symposium on Electric Machinery
  • Induction Motor Optimal Design by Use of Cartesian Product / N. Zablodskij, V. Pliugin, J. Lettl, K. Buhr –“Transactions on electrical engineering”, 2013;
  • Induction Motor Design by Use of Genetic Optimization Algorithms / N. Zablodskij, V. Pliugin, J. Lettl, K. Buhr, S.Khomitskiy – Prague, “Transactions on electrical  engineering”, 2013.
  • Analysis of an Electric Vehicle with a BLDC PM Motor in the Wheel Body, TRANSACTION ON TRANSPORT SCIENCES 1/2012, Buhr, K.,Voženílek, P. –
  • Drive Dimensionning of the Electromobile with the BLDC Motor, ISEM Praha 2010, Buhr, K.,
  • Design and Optimization of Switched Reluctance Motor for Electrical Vehicles, Adrian Peniak; Juraj Makarovic; Pavol Rafajdus; Vladimir Vavrus; Pavol Makys; Karel Buhr,  Electrical Engineering,  Archiv für Elektrotechnik